boardThe Parents’ Association of the International School of Vantaa (ISV), Vakka ry (founded in 1996), is a voluntary association for all parents. The purpose of the parents’ association is to:

  • Promote acceptance and sense of community
  • Increase the cooperation between home and the school
  • Promote international thinking and cultural diversity
  • Support safe school environment
  • Encourage the students by supporting the activities of the classes in various ways
  • Offer a versatile selection of hobbies to all ISV students

Vakka organizes activities for all grades accordingly and as much as possible. Vakka activities are financed by membership fees. Vakka is depend on the support of all families in order to quarantee our activities also in the future. The membership fee is 25 € / family / year. By paying the membership fee you support the work for the children of ISV.

Vakka is a member of the Finnish Parents’ Association:

The Vakka ry board is elected each year in the annual meeting and is responsible for the following:

Other activities:

  • School books and supplies for ISV
  • Material and volunteers for school parties and performances
  • Flea markets and other happenings
  • Guardians for the Scholastic Book Club
  • Clubs for ISV students

Vakka board for the academic year 2016-2017:

  • Chair person: Tanja Forcythe-Reid
  • Vice chair: Arja Apo
  • Secretary: Jonna Barnes
  • Afternoon Club contact person: Tanja Forcythe-Reid
  • Home-School co-operation contact person: Päivi Stordell
  • Memberships: Niina Alisalo
  • Web-page: Arja Apo
  • Clubs: Päivi Stordell
  • Board members: Paul Vendrasco and Jonna Clancy

Vakka ry’s rules

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