Bake sale 12.10.2017

Schools have started and students are asking for the bake sale. The first bake sale has been organized and now asking parents to bake something to be sold, please!
Please sing up and let’s make this the sweetest bake sale this far.


BAKESALE 31.8.2016

The First Bake Sale of the new school year! We’re calling all the parents to put the pinnies on and take part to this Bake sale. Like all previous Bake sales, we’re selling yummy bakings to the students after their lunch. So, please sign up, bring something for sale and join in the fun! Wednesday 31.8.2016 at 11:00–14:00.

Nenäpäivä bake sale result!

Nenä päivä bakesale done! The nose paid the visit to ISV as well as TES daycare groups. What amazing day, we raised 682,50€ towards this amazing cause. A massive thank you to everyone who helped, baked and took part to this important campaign!

Vakka ry Annual Meeting!

Welcome to ISV parents Association (Vakka ry) Annual meeting on Thursday 1.10.2015 at 18.30 in the school little canteen. Join in for a coffee/tea and to hear what we have done during the past year and what will be ahead! We’re a team of parents with busy schedules and do as much as we can, everyone within the own possibilities. Hope to see lots of you!


A massive Thanks to everyone who took part to our bake sale on Thursday! We made amazing 600,60€ for the noseday collection!
It was a fun day raising smiles as a mr.Nose visited our school as well as Y.E.S daycare children.
Have a great weekend, Thanks!