ISV academic year 2017-2018

Strategic goals of ISV:
·         Taking care of oneself, others and environment
·         Student participation
·         Well-being and student support services

10.8. School starts at 9.00
16.8 1st grade parents´ evening
18.8. ISVentures
26.8. School day: Suomi 100 international fair

8.9. Open start for the 1st and the 7th grades ends
11. and 12.9. School photos
13.9. Parents´ evening

16.-20.10. Autumn break

·         Parent-teacher conferences for the 9th grades
·         29.11 Christmas performance in St Lawrence’s church Organized by Vakka ry.

5.12.Independence day celebration
Weeks 49-50-51: TET 9th graders
22.12. Carols by candle light and issuing of report cards

8.1. School starts according to the schedules
31.1. Taksvärkki päivä – Day´s work day for grader 5-9

1.-8.2. Sils students at ISV.
15.2. Winter sports day
19.-23.2. Ski break

Parent-Teacher conferences for grades 1-8
30.3.- 2.4. Easter break

30.4. Free day

May and June
10.5. Ascension day
17-23.5. Sils trip
24.5. Sports day
30.5. Field trip day/homeroom day
1.6. Junior high Ball
2.6. Closing ceremony for grades 1-6

ISV Chess Club

Vakka donated more chess sets to the chess club! The ISV Chess Club is open for all students and meets twice a week on Monday and Friday at 14:30-15:15. The meetings will be held in Room 2051 in the Junior High Wing. If you have any questions please contact Michael Coppejans via Wilma. Open for all ages and skill levels.

Math club

Hey you from grade 3 to 6.
Do you like games or crafting?
Do you love solving problems?
Ever wondered how numbers appear in nature?

to the fun side of mathematics!
on Thursdays 3 Nov-8 Dec 2016
2:35-4.05 pm
Room 2056

Further questions and enrolling, send a Wilma message to Sancta Talwani (SATA)

ISV CALENDAR 2016-2017

Wed 17.8. Training for the new peer students at 10.20-13.40
Thu 18.8. Group building (half)day for the 7th graders
Fri 19.8. ISVentures
Thu 25.8. Group building (half)day for the 7th graders

*Japanese Trainee Yukina Asahara joins us for 6 months
Wed 7.9. Parents´ evening
Fri 9.9. Open start for the 1st and the 7th graders ends.
Wed 14.9. school photos
Thu 15.9. School photos
Tue 20.9. Walter ry´s workshops for junior high students
Sat 24.9. Home and school co-operation day – Bare feet walk

*Roser Orobitg, Erasmus student from Lleida does her teacher training in ISV 1.10.- 22.12.
Thu 20.10. – Mon 24.10. Autumn break
Wed 26.10. Verso training for new peer mediators at 9-14

*Parent – teacher conferences for the 9th graders
Wed 30.11. Christmas church for Christian students

*TET for the 9th graders 7.12.- 21.12.
Wed 21.12. Christmas showcase for grades 1-6 in the evening
Thu 22.12. Carrols in candlelight and issuing of report cards

Mon  9.1.  School starts
Thu 26.1. Entrance exam for the new  7th graders

Wed 1.2. Entrance exam for the new 1st graders and Taksvärkki day for grades 5-9
Tue 14.2.  Winter sports day
20.2.- 26.2. Ski break

*Parent- teacher conferences for grades 1-8

14.4. – 17.4. Easter holiday
Thu  27.4. Yard carnival with Vakka

Wed 24.5. Sports day
Wed 31.5. Homeroom day

Fri 2.6. Junior high ball at 21.00
Sat 3.6. Closing ceremony for grades 1-6 at 10.00

Vakka ry Annual Meeting!

Welcome to ISV parents Association (Vakka ry) Annual meeting on Thursday 1.10.2015 at 18.30 in the school little canteen. Join in for a coffee/tea and to hear what we have done during the past year and what will be ahead! We’re a team of parents with busy schedules and do as much as we can, everyone within the own possibilities. Hope to see lots of you!

Skates ready for the ISV winter sports day!

Last year Vakka bought ice-skates and helmets for ISV. Now skates have been sharpened, all 95 pairs ready to go! If you don’t have have your own skates, skies or helmet you can lend them from school and enjoy wonderful winter sports!

If you have any extra pairs of skates, skies or helmet, please contact Vakka for donation!

Joy of learning -theme weeks

Dear parents,

We were happy to have parents join us last May to work with the values of the basic education in Vantaa. We got many good ideas for making the values – social belonging, well being and joy of learning – visible in our school.

This academic year we have been putting these ideas into practice and next we are concentrating on joy of learning. Based on your feedback we are planning ways of bringing joy to learning both at home and at school.

To encourage more discussion about school at home, the teachers will send home info about the schoolday, for example homework assignments that parents could do together with their children, or clues about what to discuss at home about school. We will do it first for the weeks 7 and 9 and if it seems fruitful to you and us, we might continue even further.

We are also welcoming parents to join our work here at school. If you can think of something that you can come and do at school with the teacher for the benefit of the children, we would be very happy to have you. We are not looking for anything grand or spectacular and it doesn’t have to involve the whole school. It could be a small workshop, presentation, being a reading buddy, helping out with small students and their skates, bringing a real life context to the things children learn at school, presenting a skill, a profession or a hobby etc. Imagination is the only limit.

If you are willing to join us in the week before ski-break and the week after, please write to me (Juha Järvenpää) about your ideas.

Juha Järvenpää


A massive Thanks to everyone who took part to our bake sale on Thursday! We made amazing 600,60€ for the noseday collection!
It was a fun day raising smiles as a mr.Nose visited our school as well as Y.E.S daycare children.
Have a great weekend, Thanks!


As we are voluntary based association, all funds are from membership fees and events & cafe’s that we organize and all the funds are targeted to our ISV students, we hope that most/all of the families would be members. You can help us a lot by just contributing the 20€ membership fee per academic year, if you don’t have time for being more involved, this would be already a massive help!

Here are the Vakka A/C details:

Vakka ry
FI91 5720 1040 0623 96
Ref. 10265
Amount: 20€

If you could then also e-mail the following info to tanjastuff(at) Name, child’s name & class, e-mail address and date, please. Thank you!