ISV parents Association (Vakka ry) Annual meeting

Welcome to ISV parents Association (Vakka ry) Annual meeting on Thursday 26.10.2017 at 18.30 in the school little canteen. Join in for a coffee/tea and to hear what we have done during the past year and what will be ahead! We’re a team of parents with busy schedules and do as much as we can, everyone within the own possibilities. Hope to see lots of you!

Hope you all have wonderful summer!

ISV Gala and spring ceremony were once again amazing. Vakka proudly handed out awards for numerous ISV students who have done personal achievements during the past academic year. Also, we have finally logo for our school, and new hoodies which will become available to purchase in autumn 2017. Hope you all have wonderful summer!

Year 2017 first Bake sale

Bake sale 2. March 2017 at 12.00-14.30.

Happy New Year! Let’s make this the biggers Bake sale ever! The countdown for the playground project have started, so lets make the pot even bigger! Please bake, donate things to sell! Helping hands also needed, please. Thank you!


Mon  9.1.  School starts
Wed 25.1. School day ends at 12.00 for all students.
Incredible years -training for the teachers.
Thu 26.1. Entrance exam for the new  7th graders

Wed 1.2. Taksvärkki day for grades 5-9 . Day´s work day – the students are asked to find a place to work for one day and donate their salary for charity. More information from the homeroom and classroom teachers.

Wed 1.2. Entrance exam for the new 1st graders
Tue 14.2.  Winter sports day

20.2.- 26.2. Ski break

*Parent- teacher conferences for grades 1-8

14.4. – 17.4. Easter holiday

Wed 24.5. Sports day
Wed 31.5. Homeroom day

Fri 2.6. Junior high ball at 21.00

Sat 3.6. Closing ceremony for grades 1-6 at 10.00

The last school week

The last school week of the autumn term has some changes in the schedules.
Please, find the program below. Christmas showcase for grades 1-6 will take place on the 21.12., first all the B-classes at 17.30-18.30 and then all the A-classes at 19.00 – 20.00.  Parents are warmly welcome to join us.

The spring term starts on the 9th of January and the schedules can be seen in Wilma from the 22nf of December.

Thank you all for your cooperation during this autumn term.
I wish you nice holidays and Merry Christmas.

Yours, Sanna Manner


Monday 19.12. and Tuesday 20.12 Normal school days
Wednesday 21.12.
Grades 1-6: 8.30-12.00
Grades 7-9: 8.30-12.50

Christmas showcase at 17.30-18.30 for 1B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B and
at 19-20 for 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A,  5A, 6A

Thursday 22.12.
School day starts at 9.00 and ends by 11.00
Carrols in Candlelight and issuing of report cards

Joulupuu-lahjakeräys / gift project 2016

Joulupuu project is Now completed! All the presents were taken to Social services of Vantaa. By the list then organized to be taken to the families. Thank you 


This will be the sixth year running that we’re taking part to this important national Christmas tree charity campaign.

The campaign takes place 19.11- 5.12.2016 in cooperation with the City of Vantaa, Junior Chamber International Finland, POINT library, YES daycare and ISV. We are also challanging all the other assocciations, clubs and families to take part!

The aim of the campaign is to collect Christmas presents for children in need, for children who would not otherwise get any presents. The presents are collected in the classes and brought under the Christmas tree donated by VAKKA. On Dec 11th, the gifts will be handed to the representatives of the City of Vantaa who will make sure that Santa delivers the gifts to the children who really needs them.

We ask you to participate in this campaign by donating a gift. The value of the gift is unlimited, but we recommend a 10-15 euro gift. The gift must be new, but can be self made. Please wrap your gift and deliver it to school with the students. The gift must contain a little label stating the contents, age and sex of the child.

This year also POINT library is joining this important campaign. You can bring the gifts also to the library 19.11-5.12. If you cannot come up with a gift idea, there is a little tree with the labels on it…please, do go and pick one ;)

Christmas tree will bring joy and cheerful moments to children and their families! Thank You!

Joulupuu projekti on hyväntekeväisyyskeräys, jonka tavoitteena on antaa joululahja niille lapsille, jotka muuten jäisivät ilman Joulupukin tuomisia. Joulupuu-keräys järjestetään ympäri Suomea paikallisten Nuorkauppakamarien toimesta yhdesä paikallisten yhdistyksien kanssa.

Miten voin tuoda oman muistiaiseni lapsille:
1. Nouda keräyspisteeltä pakettikortti, joka kertoo lahjansaajan iän ja sukupuolen (esim. poika 13v tai tyttö 3v) tai kirjoita itse pakettiin irroitettava lahjakortti näillä tiedoilla.
2. Hanki lahja joka voi olla uusi tai itse tehtykäyttämätön lahja.
3. Tuo paketti keräyspisteeseen jotka Kartanonkoskella on:
19.11- 5.12.2016 POINT kirjasto ja ISV koulu.

More information (only in Finnish):

Important dates at school

MAY 2016
Thu. 5th Ascension Day
Fri. 6th Free Day
Fri. 27th Sports Day
Mon. 30th Normal School Day as Scheduled
Tue. 31st Normal School Day as Scheduled

JUNE 2016
Wed. 1st Homeroom Day
Fri. 3rd Junior High Ball at 21h00
Sat. 4th Closing Ceremony For Classes 1-6 at 10h00

Friendship Bake sale 10.2.2016

The First Bake Sale of the Year 2016. We’re calling all the parents to put the pinnies on and take part to this Friendship Bake sale. Like all previous Bake sales, we’re selling yummy bakings to the students after their lunch. So, please sign up, bring something for sale and join in the fun! Wed 10.2.2016 at 11:00–14:00.

Christmas consert and Joulupuu project – thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful traditional Christmas concert we had in the St.Lawrences Church. Amazing performances by ISV choir, ISV classes And YES daycare pre-schoolers. Fantastic Way to start the festive season!

Yet another Thank you to all ISV families, School And all people contributing to the joulupuu project! The presents have Now Left to reach the Children who really need them! Thank you!

Time to renew Vakka membership

As we are voluntary based association, all funds are from membership fees and events & cafe’s that we organize are targeted to our ISV students, we hope that all of the families would be members. You can help us a lot by just contributing the 20€ membership fee per academic year, if you don’t have time for being more involved, this would be already a massive help!

Vakka A/C details:

Vakka ry
FI91 5720 1040 0623 96
Ref. 10265
Amount: 20€

If you could then also e-mail the following info to tanjastuff(at) Name, child’s name & class, e-mail address and date, please. Thank you!

ISVentures Day

On Friday 14th of August there will be the traditional ISVentures Day. During the day students will participate in various activities, find their way from checkpoint to another and get to know other students. The students will need weather-appropriate outdoor clothing that is good for physical activity. The students can take along some snacks, since lunch may be rather late, depending on the group. On Friday all students will come to school at 8:30 and finish by 13:00.

Ascension Day May 14 & last school day May 29!

Please note that there is no Morning & Afternoon Club Thursday May 14 as it´s a national holiday Ascension Day. This school year´s last Morning & Afternoon Club takes place Friday May 29.

Thank you so much for all your co-operation this school year and wishing you the most beautiful spring!

Apply to the VAKKA Afternoon Club

Application time for the Vakka Afternoon Club place for the next academic school year 2015-2016 is 30.3.-15.4.2015.

The application time for the morning and afternoon clubs in Vantaa starts on Monday March 30 and ends Wednesday  April 15, 2015. The application form opens both in English and Finnish on your child´s Wilma site Monday March 30th.

More information