Joy of learning -theme weeks

Dear parents,

We were happy to have parents join us last May to work with the values of the basic education in Vantaa. We got many good ideas for making the values – social belonging, well being and joy of learning – visible in our school.

This academic year we have been putting these ideas into practice and next we are concentrating on joy of learning. Based on your feedback we are planning ways of bringing joy to learning both at home and at school.

To encourage more discussion about school at home, the teachers will send home info about the schoolday, for example homework assignments that parents could do together with their children, or clues about what to discuss at home about school. We will do it first for the weeks 7 and 9 and if it seems fruitful to you and us, we might continue even further.

We are also welcoming parents to join our work here at school. If you can think of something that you can come and do at school with the teacher for the benefit of the children, we would be very happy to have you. We are not looking for anything grand or spectacular and it doesn’t have to involve the whole school. It could be a small workshop, presentation, being a reading buddy, helping out with small students and their skates, bringing a real life context to the things children learn at school, presenting a skill, a profession or a hobby etc. Imagination is the only limit.

If you are willing to join us in the week before ski-break and the week after, please write to me (Juha Järvenpää) about your ideas.

Juha Järvenpää

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